Gutsy translations now open!

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Jun 13 07:54:54 BST 2007

Hi Erdal,

Yesterday at 16:10, Erdal Ronahi wrote:

> another question concerning the workflow: will this not split translation
> efforts between Feisty and Gutsy? Will the translation that we are doing
> from now on in Feisty go into Gutsy, too?

It will be periodically sync-ed up to Gutsy.  Translations done in
Gutsy will not be sync-ed back.

So I'd still recommend translating Feisty, but also for the reason
that Gutsy strings will still be changing a lot.

If someone is just starting with translations, then they are more than
welcome to start with Gutsy right away (and that's what I'd recommend

> There was a "multi-cast" feature planned once, to submit a translation to
> several distributions (e.g. Feisty and Gutsy) at once. I wonder what has
> become of that.

This is still in plan, but no milestone is set.  We've gone to monthly
release cycle for Launchpad, and you can basically track our progress
using 1.1.6 is June
edition, 1.1.7 July edition, etc.


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