Translators breaking documentation

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Thu Oct 19 11:49:41 BST 2006

Matthew East napisał(a):
>>>> This is an Ubuntu mailing list. 
>>> So is there a kubuntu-translators list?
> No - this mailing list is for Ubuntu and Kubuntu. You were referring to
> an upstream use of entities, I was clarifying that my post referred to
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu, not upstream documentation.

As I said, I suspect you will want to put KDE documentation into
Rosetta, like it was done with GUI translations. And I prefer to warn in
advance to make you aware of the problems, in order to avoid bugs like
the bug, which spoils
the whole translation work. BTW. It is 4,5 month after Dapper release
and this bug is still not fixed! :/

>>>> For the record, what I have said applies
>>>> to ubuntu-docs, kubuntu-docs and xubuntu-docs.
>>> And what it means? There is no such package in Rosetta for Edgy.

They are not listed on Edgy translations page:

	Krzysztof Lichota

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