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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Oct 18 21:15:28 BST 2006

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* Krzysztof Lichota:
> Matthew East napisa?(a):
>>>>> This thread isn't about KDE - it's about Ubuntu documentation. We don't
>>>>> use entities that might change when translated, to avoid exactly this
>>>>> problem. If you translate an entity but don't define it in the docbook,
>>>>> it breaks. That is what many translators have done.
>>>> Well, it doesn't say "Translators breaking _Ubuntu_ documentation" and I
>>>> suppose at some point you will want to put KDE docs also in Rosetta
>>>> (fortunately as far as I can see it is not the case for Edgy).
>> This is an Ubuntu mailing list. 
> So is there a kubuntu-translators list?

No - this mailing list is for Ubuntu and Kubuntu. You were referring to
an upstream use of entities, I was clarifying that my post referred to
Ubuntu/Kubuntu, not upstream documentation.

>> For the record, what I have said applies
>> to ubuntu-docs, kubuntu-docs and xubuntu-docs.
> And what it means? There is no such package in Rosetta for Edgy.
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