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Sun Oct 15 16:48:42 BST 2006

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* Krzysztof Lichota:
> Matthew East napisa?(a):
>> Hi,
>> * Krzysztof Lichota:
>>>> Matthew East napisa?(a):
>>>>> * Do not rearrange groups of tags - they will break!
>>>> Sometimes it is useful to add some contents.
>> I don't understand - all tags have contents already. However if you mess
>> around with the order, docbook validity breaks. You just have to take my
>> word for it.
> Sometimes you have to add something specific to your
> translation/country, for example paragraph with notes how this applies
> to your specific region.

Sure, but that doesn't involve rearranging tags.

>>>>> * Do not translate tags, or entities (such as &hello;)
>>>> In Polish we have to change entities, because phrases can have different
>>>> meaning when used in specific context.
>> No - if that were the case I wouldn't have instructed you not to
>> translate entities. Entities are not used for language-sensitive
>> phrases, they are used for automatically replacing things like menu
>> entries (translated in a separate template), version numbers, and so on.
> In KDE we have entities for example for application names, so that they
> are used consistently across translation and so they are marked with
> appropriate docbook tags. For example:
> &konqueror; -> <application>Konqueror</application>

This thread isn't about KDE - it's about Ubuntu documentation. We don't
use entities that might change when translated, to avoid exactly this
problem. If you translate an entity but don't define it in the docbook,
it breaks. That is what many translators have done.

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