Accepted 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 (source)

Ricardo Pérez López ricpelo at
Sat Oct 14 19:54:22 BST 2006

> (2.0.4-0ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
>  .
>    * The "Happy Birthday!" release, built on
>      Fri, 13 13:13:13 +0200 (it's the sixth birthday, we can
>      walk pretty well and start writing now ;).
>  .
>    * openoffice.orgVER-l10n-en-us: Add alternative dependency on
>      language-support-en.
>    * Update desktop menu translations from Rosetta translations.
>    * Update ooo-build to the ooo-build-2-0-4 branch.
>    * Do not run the SDK installer, when building from the -l10n
>      source.
>    * Enable support for eo (Esperanto); reenable support for
>      Assamese (as-IN), Marathi (mr-IN), Oriya (or-IN), Urdu (ur-IN),
>      ti-ER (Tigrigna Eritrea).

The last upload has not incorporate the desktop menu
translations. See, for example,
the /usr/share/applications/ooo-writer.desktop file, and you can see
that there's only a Name line and a Comment line, but not a Name[...] or
Comment[...]. Therefore, the menu entries appears in English.

Does it need a bugreport?


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