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Sat Oct 14 19:32:26 BST 2006

Op dinsdag 10-10-2006 om 17:34 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Jan Claeys:
> What's a "temporary switch"? 

Colin Watson sent me this explanation and asked me to forward it:

        See the previous string:
         Sometimes the keyboard is in non-Latin mode and you want to type only few
         Latin letters. In this case it may be desirable to have a key for
         temporary switching between non-Latin and Latin letters.  While this key
         is pressed in non-Latin mode the keyboard types Latin letters and in
         reverse, when the keyboard is in Latin mode and you are pressing this key
         the keyboard will type non-Latin letters.
        The "temporary switch" is that key.

(And I didn't see that string because I was filtering for untranslated

Jan Claeys

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