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Richard Johnson nixternal at
Sun Oct 15 17:30:51 BST 2006

To back Matthew up here a little bit.

I don't really see the reason behind having to add any "new" tags, new URLs 
are nothing more than <ulink url=""> and so forth.

The real issue at hand, that causes some problems and can be difficult to weed 
out at time is when someone changes, for instance:

<sect1 id="free-software" status="review">
<sect1 id="svobodný software" status="review">

For some of us that are only fluent in english (and I am barely fluent in 
that), this causes us to have to dig through the original documentation and 
track down the tags so we know 100% sure what it is referring to and then 
change it. Granted not devastating, but critical when working on such a tight 
deadline as Edgy.

This time around, with the Ubuntu Packaging Guide and the Ubuntu Server Guide, 
as well as the Kubuntu Desktop Guide, didn't notice much breakage with the 
entity tags, such as &distro-rev;. There were a few that took &distro-rev; 
and turned it into something else, but only 2 or 3 at most this time around.

As for the rearranging part, I did see a couple of translations that made me 
second guess them as it looked like the structure of the paragraph had been 
rearranged in a slightly different order. In this case, I would have to put 
my trust in the translators hands, and hope we don't receive more bug 

This time around, with the physical rosetta-<filename>.tar.gz and working them 
into the documentation, seemed much better this time around as well. I don't 
know the background stuff that goes on just yet, and I leave Matthew to 
that ;)

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