Serious problems with missing translations!

Petr Tomeš ptomes at
Tue Mar 14 21:09:04 GMT 2006

as a Czech translator of GNOME and czech translating leader of Ubuntu
I fully agree with Timo and Claude. GNOME translations should have
more priority than those from Rosetta because of quality and
consistence with other distributions using GNOME. When I started
translating Dapper I and others could not did it throught Rosetta,
only through GNOME CVS, which is constantly updated along with with
useful statistics. It is also more simple to do QA on a large-scale
for all files through interface on
than through Rosetta - all files can be easily downloaded, controlled
(e.g. for using the same translation for the same strings everywhere),
edited and finally uploaded.

Petr Tomeš,
Ubuntu CZ -

> Hi,
> I can only stress what Timo said. This is also the case for the French
> translation team. Quality review should be a priority to develop now in
> Rosetta.
> Jordi and Carlos and co, good program to follow, all the best !
> Claude
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