Serious problems with missing translations!

Claude Paroz paroz at
Tue Mar 14 20:43:46 GMT 2006

Le mardi 14 mars 2006 à 10:38 +0200, Timo Jyrinki a écrit :
> I agree. Gnome translation teams are generally better organized and controlled
> than the Rosetta teams currently. Translations from Gnome l10n project should
> always take precedence.
> I see this will continue to be the case until the following features are fulfilled:
> - diffs to every older version of the strings, string-specific (old1: %s, old2:
> %s, old3: %s... but so that when new upstream translation is uploaded, old:s get
> cleaned and maybe made just suggestions if needed)
> - diffs to upstream (whole PO-file)
> - all strings of a package on one page -option (can do searches with the browser)
> - Rosetta l10n team leader(s) can see all the changes of some team member
> - Rosetta l10n team leader(s) have 7 days to review final translations while the
> others can't do changes aymore
> And even then, probably Gnome/KDE l10n teams' translations should probably be
> imported as is, and then clearly mark that "now the translations are in, the
> Rosetta team can improve / fill in missing". But before those five points are
> fulfilled, the quality of Rosetta-made translations is in my opinion too hard to
> follow/control.


I can only stress what Timo said. This is also the case for the French
translation team. Quality review should be a priority to develop now in
Jordi and Carlos and co, good program to follow, all the best !


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