Serious problems with missing translations!

Erdal Ronahi erdal.ronahi at
Mon Mar 13 22:49:58 GMT 2006


we understand your trouble, I think the large number of translations
comes from the huge success of Rosetta ;)

> Translations autoimported by Rosetta from the tar.gzs will not override
> the Rosetta translations. If you do a correction in rosetta via a PO
> upload, it will only override what Rosetta has as "published strings" if
> you mark your upload as "User upload", as opposed to "Published
> upload".

What about changes made via the interface? Will they override strings
that are published upstream?

The problem from the translators' point of view would me much smaller
if the synchronisation happened more often. But that causes probably
more work elsewhere.

One more question: Will it be possible to see a list of the packages
that have not been translated into a certain language at all? If you
are looking for cool packages to be translated, at the moment you see
only packets that are partially translated in the list. For all the
others you have to go the way through the search pages or the packet
list of a more complete languages, which is both annoying.


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