Serious problems with missing translations!

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Mon Mar 13 19:54:13 GMT 2006


On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 04:36:05PM +0100, Erdal Ronahi wrote:
> to me it looks that for a long time Rosetta has not been synchronized
> with upstream. And the translations from Breezy have not yet been
> imported into Dapper. The language packs that are delivered with
> dapper are in fact not up to date. But I am confident that this will
> happen.

The problem is, basically, that for this release, Dapper imports have
been blocked by a number of reasons. When one was finally fixed and in
production, Rosetta encountered some other blocker.

Right now, the main problem is that when we started importing Dapper
files at long last, the import queue showed it wasn't able to handle the
incredible amount of import requests that were going in.

Carlos has a fix for this, which I believe still is not in production
because some other problem in his merge of the tree to the main
repository. When this is done, and that should be really soon as they
are having a launchpad team meeting in London, the Rosetta admins will
have the nice job of reviewing a large number of files that for some
reason weren't imported automatically. The files will be made avialable
as we process them by hand, and others will appear automatically.

> The other issue is what will happen with translations that are
> different in upstream. That is a serious problem:
> If the translation upstream overrides the one in Rosetta, corrections
> made in Rosetta are lost. If the translation in Rosetta overrides the
> one in Rosetta, official translations may be overridden with less
> correct ones.
> This has been discussed here before, I don't remember exactly what the
> solution was. I think the team leaders can decide, whose translations
> become official.

Translations autoimported by Rosetta from the tar.gzs will not override
the Rosetta translations. If you do a correction in rosetta via a PO
upload, it will only override what Rosetta has as "published strings" if
you mark your upload as "User upload", as opposed to "Published

I know people have been waiting for way too long. I beg for your
understanding: Ubuntu has switched to Soyuz in this release that has
changed quite some many things. Some broke unexpectedly. I really hope
to see progress in the next few days.

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