Serious problems with missing translations!

Erdal Ronahi erdal.ronahi at
Mon Mar 13 15:36:05 GMT 2006


to me it looks that for a long time Rosetta has not been synchronized
with upstream. And the translations from Breezy have not yet been
imported into Dapper. The language packs that are delivered with
dapper are in fact not up to date. But I am confident that this will

The other issue is what will happen with translations that are
different in upstream. That is a serious problem:

If the translation upstream overrides the one in Rosetta, corrections
made in Rosetta are lost. If the translation in Rosetta overrides the
one in Rosetta, official translations may be overridden with less
correct ones.

This has been discussed here before, I don't remember exactly what the
solution was. I think the team leaders can decide, whose translations
become official.

Maybe someone can provide information about when Dapper will be opened
for translation and what to do until then.


2006/3/13, Rostislav Raykov <nostalgiafed at>:
> Hello everyone,
> At first I thought it was a temporary problem, but being so close to release
> and having all updates I see that the problem still persists. What exactly
> is the problem?
> I'm a member of the team that translates GNOME to Bulgarian. We are at 100%.
> Not one string is left untranslated. I've also done most of the
> ubuntu-specific translations. Howver in Dapper when using the Bulgarian
> locale, GNOME looks horrible. The translations that are there are like 50%
> of what we have translated and is in the official GNOME i18n repositories?
> Can we fix this? This is very disturbing. Looking at Rosetta, I'm also
> having suspicions the imported translations there are incomplete and then
> people are translating them from Rosetta. This leads not only to incosistent
> translations (one official translation for GNOME, and one different for
> Ubuntu) but to incomplete translations.
> I hope this is fixed, so Dapper won't be a half done job for Bulgarian
> users!
> Thank you in advance,
> Rostislav Raykov
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