Serious problems with missing translations!

Rostislav Raykov nostalgiafed at
Mon Mar 13 14:53:19 GMT 2006

Hello everyone,

At first I thought it was a temporary problem, but being so close to release
and having all updates I see that the problem still persists. What exactly
is the problem?
I'm a member of the team that translates GNOME to Bulgarian. We are at 100%.
Not one string is left untranslated. I've also done most of the
ubuntu-specific translations. Howver in Dapper when using the Bulgarian
locale, GNOME looks horrible. The translations that are there are like 50%
of what we have translated and is in the official GNOME i18n repositories?
Can we fix this? This is very disturbing. Looking at Rosetta, I'm also
having suspicions the imported translations there are incomplete and then
people are translating them from Rosetta. This leads not only to incosistent
translations (one official translation for GNOME, and one different for
Ubuntu) but to incomplete translations.

I hope this is fixed, so Dapper won't be a half done job for Bulgarian

Thank you in advance,
Rostislav Raykov
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