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Og Maciel:
> The thing is that so far, everyone who added their 2 cents pretty much
> stated that neither side would be willing to use an unified solution.

It has been stated that many Portugese people would rather see the
English version of a string than the pt_BR one.

Can you imagine (worst case) the flame fests that'd occur when some
prgrams display pt, others pt_BR, and yet others a mash-up of all three?

I'm German. We have an equivalent situation with idiomatic Swiss-German
writing and (much worse) speech. I can confirm that most people would
not tolerate a book (assuming that it doesn't obviously deal with
Switzerland) where a few chapters casually use words from the Swiss
dialect. I've been told that the pt/pt_BR word divergence is even worse.

>  Think of how many people we'll be reaching by doing this???

IMHO: Fewer than we'd lose with a mash-up 'translation'.

You can show the pr_BR translation alongside the Engllish one when
you're doing a pt translation. That's possible today and, as far as
I know, that's as good as it's going to get.

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