Translations of .desktop files?

Sebastian Heinlein liste at
Thu Feb 9 08:37:39 GMT 2006

Am Donnerstag, den 09.02.2006, 06:56 +0100 schrieb Ernst Persson:
> Hello,
> I'm starting to get worried about the subject of translated desktop files again.
> There are several desktop files in Dapper that wasn't (completely)
> translated in Breezy even, but has translations in their upstream
> .desktop files!
> The two I'm thinking most about are Add/Remove... and Update Manager,
> which are both very visible. There's more in administration and
> preferences.
> The last minute call for putting it in the wiki at the end of the
> Breezy release cycle didn't work very well, how will it work for
> Dapper?
> Regards
> /Ernst


the desktop files of gnome-app-install and update-manager are included
in the pot files of both projects.

But I would not recommend to start translating g-a-i or u-p until the
end of this week, since both still get an ui review.

Another relating issue: Is "Update Manager" the best string for the
admin menu? The menu items of the GNOME preferences and the
gnome-system-tools are named by their object, eg. "User & Groups" or
"Network" and not "Network Manager". So perhaps "Updates" or "Ubuntu
Updates" would be more consistent.



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