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Fri Feb 17 14:32:04 GMT 2006

Don't know who did the inicial setup and/or who chose to break the
languages apart, but here are some interesting facts about the
portuguese language translations under Breezy:

Portuguese   	 071.61 26.6 percent published, 0.1 percent changed,
1.69 percent new, 71.61 percent untranslated

Portuguese (Brazil) 	060.55 35.64 percent published, 0.11 percent
changed, 3.7 percent new, 60.55 percent untranslated

Portuguese (Portugal) 	098.48 1.38 percent published, 0.01 percent
changed, 0.14 percent new, 98.48 percent untranslated

Obviously a lot of re-inventing the wheel going here...  The same can
be seen in other languages as well, such as English, Russian, French,
Spanish, etc, etc...

I'd like to hear back from soneone from LP about the possibility of
being able to, with consent from individual team administrators, merge
untranslated strings into one major Breezy .po if you will, so that
people who choose to use a language pack that hasn't really been
worked on can at least have the base?  Or maybe stop the Babel Tower
madness and consolidate translations into groups (i.e. all pt_* into
one) *until* every single package gets transtlated!  Then, and only
then, we could break them up for personalization based on individual

Og B. Maciel

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