Angolan and Cape Verdean users

Matthew East mdke at
Fri Feb 17 13:48:19 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 07:43 +0000, Og Maciel wrote:

> One thing I completely agree with you is that the "base" should be
> consistent, no matter how much differences are there.  It would allow
> for Angolans, for instance, who don't even have a language pack of their
> own, to at least see some translations...  Looking at Breezy stats, I
> noticed that pt_PT hasn't been translated to the same extent as pt_BR.

What about "pt"? That is the base.

> I would like to ask you (or anyone else following this thread) how could
> I take whatever has been done for pt_BR and "dump" it into the newly
> created pt_AO and pt_CV (maybe even pt_PT?)?  It would give native
> speakers a base which can then be further tailored to their specific
> dialects, etc.

I don't know how this is done, short of uploading po files manually, so
I'll leave it to someone else to answer.

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