Method taken for up-grading packages.

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Sun Oct 31 06:08:31 GMT 2010


After complaints from users, I have removed all the -0.90 (faulty) packages
from PPA.
I am starting a fresh with the newer versions of Sugar Packages.

* Previously I started with presence service but found to be stuck with
Dependency tree.

Now I am following the method mentioned below: (The method is based on a bit
of trial and errors to actually get all the packages in order).
- Started from the package on the root of Dependency tree. (Sugar, available
at PPA).
- Downloaded the source package from . (easy step)
- Cloned git repository of Jonas' Sugar debian package: (easy step)
  -- I needed a proper debian folder (and not to forget the updated one).
- Copied the debian folder from repo to the extracted source tarball. (easy
- Changed the debian/control and files to add the 'Conflicts' and
'Replaces' fields. (new step)
  -- here is the paste of what I changed:
  -- NOTE: Check carefully for 'Conflicts' and 'Replaces' for all packages.
- Once done with above, updated the debian/changelog (using dch -i)  (very
  -- here is the paste.
- Built that package with 'debuild' command. Renamed .orig tarballs wherever
- Checked all the packages for 'Conflicts'. If found, removed the package
from the system and then continued installing again.
- Unmet Dependencies found. (sugar-base, sugar-toolkit, etc)

Repeated process for the Dependencies.

I think we are getting close to the solution. The only part we need to be
careful of is the changelog, control and files.
We also need a test PPA for full testing of the packages.
Rest I think is going well with the issue.

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