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Dipankar Patro dipankar at seeta.in
Thu Oct 28 15:21:28 BST 2010

Sharing my series of discussions and steps that we have followed on the
issue of packages here:

* David reported that the packages were not installing properly and look for
'Conflicts' field in debian/control
* Tried my hands on sugar-presence-service package (wanted to start with a
small package).
* Sent a new debian package with the 'Replace' and 'Conflicts' fields filled
with 'sugar-presence-service-0.88'. Now package was installing.
* David pointed out that the replacement was not working properly, -0.88
package was not removed completely before installing -0.90. Concluded that
this might be caused due to package naming style, i.e. we are adding the
version no. with the package name.
* Had a work on session with Neeraj. Tried renaming the packages to simple
'sugar-presence-service' format. But that started causing dependency
problems on Neeaj's system which is not occurring on mine.
* Neeraj and David had a discussion in which they discussed the problem of
package renaming and updating.
It was also discussed that Sugar-Ubuntu should only have one version of
sugar on the system for ease at user end and debugging. For hackers, they
can use multiple versions of packages on their single system.

(I might be wrong about conclusion in the last discussion. David if I am
wrong, I apologize.)

We are working on the dependency problem and am confused a bit.

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