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Thomas Pfundt captain-tux at protonmail.ch
Sun Jan 19 23:42:07 UTC 2020


> Ubuntu installer may have selected another drive automatically by error. Which may be something developers address?

I'm not even sure where the error lies exactly. I haven't ever experienced this myself, but I thought I would mention it, just in case.

The Windows installer tends to order drives upon partitioning seemingly at random occasionally, it might also be a BIOS issue on some motherboards to begin with.

I've read about Ubiquity (Ubuntu's installer) pre-selecting another drive than the one the system is supposed to be installed on for the bootloader, but only on manual install. Since this wasn't the case, I would assume the bootloader was installed to the correct drive.

There are a ton of possibilities here, let's start with something practical:

Do you have multiple drives installed (also USB)? Enter your computer's boot menu and just try booting one drive after another. Maybe the bootloader in fact was installed onto the wrong drive, remember which one booted and just set it as the boot device in your BIOS.

In case no drive is able to boot, things get a bit more complicated.

First check if you have AHCI or IDE-compatibility mode enabled for your drives in your BIOS. You should find it somewhere under SATA/storage options, every BIOS is different. Try selecting the other option. Also look for anything like "secure boot" or "fast boot" and disable those settings. Try to boot the drives again. If that doesn't work, reset everything to what it was.

After that, boot into your Ubuntu live system again, but instead of installing, this time select "Try Ubuntu" and follow these instructions:

You have to identify your Ubuntu drive, since it might not be /dev/sda as in the example, enter "lsblk" beforehand and look for the drive which has a partition marked with a slash "/", that's the one that needs to be used.

After that, reboot and try again.

Now, if all of this doesn't work, since it's a new installation and assuming there is no unique data on your system drive yet, because you haven't used it (?), you could just re-install the system once more. The issue could also have been a broken live system or a (memory) error while installing.

I'd advise you to internally unplug all drives except the one the system should be installed on and maybe make a new Ubuntu USB or DVD. Press Shift when you boot your Ubuntu live system as you see the keyboard icon. Then select "Check disk for errors" before you install to make sure the live DVD or USB is good.

Just go ahead with the installation, there should be only one drive available.

I don't think I can explain any of this much simpler from a distance, if you need additional help, is there anybody you can reach with a bit of Linux-knowledge or general computer experience who could assist you with this?
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