[ubuntu-studio-users] Date formats gone wrong in 18.04

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Fri May 3 14:49:29 UTC 2019

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu Studio 16.04 to 18.04. Some things got 
reset and need changing back to how I want.

I want the calendar to start on Sunday, and managed to get that done by 
editing en_GB locale file, making first weekday = 1.

But, now in all other programs, the date formats are in US format, e.g. 
May 03, 2019; but I want them back to the UK format of 3 May 2019.

Despite the en_GB locale file seeming to have all the right settings, I 
am now stuck with dates in US format, which is hard to read, e.g. 
05/03/19 -- is that 5th of March or 3rd of May?

So how can I get it have Sunday as first day of week, and all date 
formats in UK format (as it all was back in 16.04)?

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