[ubuntu-studio-users] 18.04 backport, Ubuntustudio controls and ffado

Ross Gammon rosco at ubuntustudio.org
Thu Apr 25 14:18:24 UTC 2019

Hi Mac (and others),

Yesterday, I tried this for myself and can confirm that the Alsa Jack
bridge is always enabled after a reboot even if you turn it off before
shutting down.

I had a quick look at the code to see which configuration files are
written, but ran out of time before I worked it out.

Hopefully Len who wrote the code will have the time soon to take a look
at it. In the mean time I will try and take another look and see if I
can find a workaround.

I submitted a bug to track it:



On 4/25/19 2:48 PM, Mac wrote:
> After much messing around, on two different installs of 18.04 with the
> UBS back port with UBS Controls...
> I can find no way to get the settings I select in Ubuntu Studio Controls
> to be retained.
> In the case of the laptop I tested the onboard audio works, but, there
> is no way to activate the headphone outputs. And, since JACK is started
> from UBS Controls, I can'[t even get back to the no JACK setup, which
> did work when the headphones were plugged in.
> On both PC's the onboard mic input does not seem to sow up on the
> capture ports, even though 2 are shown. If I have another, capture, for
> instance, from a USB or firewire mixer, the mic capture works.
> As a side note. On the desktop, the mobo has 8 outputs, but when these
> show up in, say Carla, via JACK, only the first two output sound.
> Since UBS Controls won't allow me to switch back and forth from
> JACK/ALSA it makes it difficult to really test things.
> Are there config files that I can edit by hand to force UBS Controls to
> behave? All the files I've found have not helped.

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