[ubuntu-studio-users] 18.04 backport, Ubuntustudio controls and ffado

Mac macdroid53 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 12:48:21 UTC 2019

After much messing around, on two different installs of 18.04 with the UBS
back port with UBS Controls...

I can find no way to get the settings I select in Ubuntu Studio Controls to
be retained.

In the case of the laptop I tested the onboard audio works, but, there is
no way to activate the headphone outputs. And, since JACK is started from
UBS Controls, I can'[t even get back to the no JACK setup, which did work
when the headphones were plugged in.

On both PC's the onboard mic input does not seem to sow up on the capture
ports, even though 2 are shown. If I have another, capture, for instance,
from a USB or firewire mixer, the mic capture works.

As a side note. On the desktop, the mobo has 8 outputs, but when these show
up in, say Carla, via JACK, only the first two output sound.

Since UBS Controls won't allow me to switch back and forth from JACK/ALSA
it makes it difficult to really test things.

Are there config files that I can edit by hand to force UBS Controls to
behave? All the files I've found have not helped.
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