[ubuntu-studio-users] Random total lockups, Ubuntu Studio 17.04, getting increasingly frequent :(

Brian b_lists at patandbrian.org
Mon Sep 18 13:07:18 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'm using Ubuntu Studio 17.04, all patches up to date, on an AMD
Phenom II x6, 8GB RAM.

I'm seeing total lockups of the PC at apparently random but
increasingly frequent intervals. Usually it's once or twice a day, but
I've just had two less than an hour apart. When it happens, the only
noticeable difference is that the cursor looks like it's got a sort of
shadow image of itself just to the right of the real cursor (i.e. they
almost overlap) but when this happens, NOTHING works (that I've been
able to find), the PC is totally unresponsive, the only way back is to
hold down the power button until it switches off and then reboot. If I
have the speakers on at the time, then a distorted sound comes from
the speakers (it's hard to describle, like a VERY rapid deep-pitched
ticking) and that will continue until the PC is powered down.

I've tried and totally failed to tie this down to any particular
software I'm using at the time, I've even had it happen when I've been
away from the PC. The strange effects with the cursor suggested to ne
that maybe X.org.log.old might have some indications of the problem,
but I can see nothing suspicious once I've rebooted.

Anybody else seeing this sort of problem? More importantly, does
anybody have any suggestions as to how to go about diagnosing it?



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