[ubuntu-studio-users] Menu categories gone

tux at pfundtdesign.de tux at pfundtdesign.de
Sun Aug 21 09:15:56 UTC 2016

Hello again,

It seems I have found a solution to the described problem in this
launchpad thread:

I don't know why I just couldn't find it yesterday with my searches, but
I mainly entered 'xfce menu...', so that could be the reason why.

Apparently, this is a problem related to MenuLibre and the files that it
uses, I must have opened it and changed a menu entry somehow, without
actually wanting to. Installing the program Alacarte according to the
user FerVira and clicking on the button 'Restore System Configuration'
indeed brought back all regular categories.

I have not tried changing any entries with Alacarte besides that,
because I prefer keeping the menu as it already is and some entries
still 'look' slightly broken, so I don't want to potentially break the
menu in this installation, but at least restoring seems to work should
anyone encounter this problem. ;)

Thank you!

Kind regards,

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