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Mike Holstein mikeh789 at gmail.com
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On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 8:14 AM, Israel <israel at torios.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am having a few issues. I am using Ubuntu 14.04 (not studio) and I am
> trying to set up a firewire interface, and I am having some serious issues
> getting Jack to recognize it.
> Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for how to
> configure qjackctl so use my device.  FFADO Mixer loads the interface just
> fine, but I cannot seem to figure out how to configure everything to use it
> :)
> The other issue is Ubuntu Studio 14.04
> I downloaded the 32bit live (DVD) from current yesterday, and Ubiquity
> goes fine until the place where I can choose the packages to install.  Then
> a dialog pops up with a bunch of ???????? and then the installer hangs up
> until I use a TTY to sudo reboot.
> I have also tried booting the 64bit beta2 on a Macboot, and cannot seem to
> boot into anything useful.  I am only allowed to choose between the EFI
> boots on the USB, and none of those work.
> Thanks for your help!
when i migrated my production rig to linux, using a firewire interface (as
well as testing with may other internal and USB interfaces) these are some
helpful tips that i found made the transition possible.

1. work from a live CD. there are several nice live CD's these days, such
as our ubuntustudio live CD. when i say "live CD", i just refer to the iso
image, downloaded and running from whatever you need.. DVD, USB, whatever..
while testing with the live CD's, you can easily tweak *any* and *all*
configurations, without the fear of breakage. this is also an easy way to
test different kernel versions and JACK versions with your hardware. i like
to use an ubuntu 12.04, and now, the upcoming 14.04, as well as AVlinux's
live iso
2. what is the issue? is it the firewire? or JACK? or permissions? or what?
test things as independently as possible. dont land in a new os, fire up
jack, with a piece of firewire hardware you dont know is supported in
linux. start with the internal audio device, and learn to configure and run
JACK using it. then, you can move forward knowing your JACK configuration
is working or not.
3. the firewire chipset *can* make or break linux support. you can run
"lspci" in a terminal and see what chipset you have for firewire.. ideally,
you have texas instruments.. if not, i have a few others that work well,
and also, a few that will never work in linux.
4. i have had laptops with IRQ issues relating to sharing IRQ for firewire
with USB ports i was using. you can check this in the terminal with "cat
5. keep in mind, none of the vendors of any of the hardware you have have
promised you linux support. a team of experts from many different companies
have come together for years and years to work with each other and make
sure that your hardware works in a different operating system. you are
basically deciding to take that responsibility on for yourself.
6. temporarily running jack as root (which is not something i would want to
do all the time, continuously) can help troubleshoot permissions. running
"gksudo qjackctl" allows one to start jack as root.. if jack has been
failing, but runs as root, then, you know that the hardware configuration
in jack works, and that the issue is more likely to do with permissions.
7. in qjackctl, there is a "messages" button that can have lots of helpful

feel free and share any terminal output here for any of the commands, or
the jack GUI error messages.. i suggest joining the IRC for realtime help.

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