[ubuntu-studio-users] Enhancing the desktop

Hazan Pérez hapk02 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 22:06:14 UTC 2013

Good day community,

A bit of background: Used a couple of versions of UbuntuStudio in the
past, I think it's a very good idea for a Distro. I work mostly with
graphics, some video and a bit of desktop publishing, so having a distro
with such tools available out of the box is great (can't say the same
for all the audio stuff, most of that software I don't even know how to

For this semester I decided to switch to Linux Mint, which is nice but
it has a few problems, thanks to the Cinnamon DE, which has let me sad
and frustrated. I'm thinking of switching to US again, but there are a
few things about XFCE that I don't like.

XFCE is really nice, fast, lean and light while being pretty, but I miss
a bit of functionality from other DEs. I can't use another DE because of
a default sound config (wrote about that some time ago but didn't
received much help). Sound is rightly configured in default US with
XFCE, but if I change the DE it goes all wrong.

Now, for that extra functionality, here are the things I miss the most
from other DEs:

- Unfocused Scroll: This is if, for example, I have a window in the
background and a smaller in front, if I scroll the background window it
wont get focused (it wont go up in front). know a way to configure this?

- All open windows view, like expo, without using Compiz. Compiz breaks
the beauty of XFCE.

- A window list that can also work as a dock, that is, a window list in
a panel that can have "pinned" icons for applications, but when clicked
on opens the application an keeps working as it's window selector (not
appearing an extra icon).

... Plus a few more things. I know that all this is DE oriented, and not
exactly for the core functionality of US and probably not on the right
list, but I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.


Hazan Pérez C.
Twisto Creative

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