brushes for Gimp

Pete Wright pnwright at
Sat May 25 22:33:03 UTC 2013

Almost through the process of getting weaned from PaintShopPro after many
happy years with it.
Now I can do pretty much everything in Gimp I could do with PSP.
I can make my own brushes and use them.
But so far I can't get any of the zillions of free brushes from sites like
How do I get a set of brushes using Transmission?
Madly right and left clicking the various links (my usual last resort when
I don't know what I am doing) yields no joy.
I use Transmission for getting iso files, etc. so I know it works.
NoScript is often the fly in the ointment, but even with "temporarily all
this page" I am getting nothing.
What obvious thing that everybody else knows by osmosis or instinct (yes, I
am feeling sorry for myself!) am I missing?
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