trouble with fast track c400

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Wed May 22 04:07:23 UTC 2013

On Tue, 2013-05-21 at 12:34 -0300, Raphael Santos wrote:
> I'm going to stick with the default for now, as suggested by Mike
> Holstein, and try to make it work with PulseAudio.

Good luck ;).

Even if pulseaudio would work with all cards and even if  would like to
use this bad coded sound server, in your case I at least would remove it
for testing purpose. If you removed PA and the error disappears, you
would know that you have to fix something regarding to a pulseaudio
issue, e.g. cripple down the card to 2 IOs and then reinstall PA. If the
same error message stays after removing PA, it perhaps isn't a PA issue.
However, you get a problem when you start one sound server, IOW jack and
you try to fix this issue while using 2 sound server at the same tiome,
while one of them,, pulseaudio is known t cause such issues and it's
known not to work with multi channel (semi-)pro-audio cards.
The most likely culprit when getting such error messages is pulseaudio.

The culprit can be something else, however, why will you keep pulseaudio
for troubleshooting? Remove it for troubleshooting and install it after
you fixed the issue.

If something inside your television set is broken and you want to repair
the circuit, than you will do it by following the circuit diagram in a
sane order. Even if there still is power, you'll likely start with the
power supply.

If you've got issues with one sound server, while two sound servers are
installed at the same time, the sane way would be to remove the sound
server you don't want to start. You can reinstall it, when
troubleshooting is finished. Only the PA fans recommend insane
troubleshooting. Sorry Mike, but it's ridiculous to keep PA during

However, good luck with this kind of troubleshooting.


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