Has somebody a stable Ubuntu Studio NATTY 64-bit?

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon May 30 20:08:51 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-05-30 at 14:15 -0400, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 1:44 PM, Ralf Mardorf
> <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net> wrote:
>         Hi Karl :)
>         today I got a RME card, very, very expensive. I'm curious
>         about it. I
>         wonder if it will sound better than all the other cards I
>         know, or if I
>         just spend money for nothing. I bought a B-stock (customer
>         return), so
>         somebody perhaps wasn't satisfied by this card ;).
>         ACK, but no full ACK regarding to "Linux audio isn't that
>         good, as
>         proprietary audio is". MIDI jitter for hw MIDI is an issue on
>         all OS,
>         AFAIK only Nuendo should be good and still with limitations.
>         There
>         should be no App for Apple or Microsoft systems, excepted of
>         Nuendo.
>         Using Jack2 from svn + a2jmidi_bridge on my Maverick install
>         had at
>         least for one song, completely no limitation. It was hard
>         real-time as
>         good as C64, Atari ST and 80's stand alone sequencers, there
>         was no
>         jitter.
>         Regarding to audio it depends to the needs. If I should get
>         rid of audio
>         loss, I'm satisfied for home recording. Just for professional
>         work
>         Ardour2 IMO isn't stable enough. Sometimes it crash and
>         sometimes still
>         is to often, regarding to contract penalty.
>         Best,
>         Ralf
> for me, ardour is quite a bit more stable than cubase was for me in
> XP, as well as more capable. i usually find when ardour is crashy, its
> something im doing which is causing the instability. i was trying the
> new irlv2 plugin, and that seemed to cause instability. i tried using
> another packaged version of the irlv2 plug from falktx's KXstudio ppa,
> and ardour (so far) has been stable again. i personally enjoy the way
> JACK lets me push my system, and find the limitations of my hardware.
> i remember doing something similar in cubase where i would push the
> limits of latency and get a less stable system, making cubase less
> stable. i have been in studios where most of the big name current
> popular DAW's have crashed. when you push any system to its limits,
> you can get instability. i find Paul Davis and the ardour team to be
> quite responsive to comments and bug reports. if you are experiencing
> ardour instability not relating to personal configuration errors, i
> urge you to get involved, and report your findings. personally, i find
> if i relax my JACK settings a bit, the system becomes stable again.

I'm not abreast of the times regarding to the professional audio work
that costs much money. Some years ago computers were only used in the
studio, for live recordings or orchestra sessions stand-alone devices
analog and/or digital were used. I remember one session at the Sender
Berlin, Al Schmitt came from the USA and the equipment was a bus from
France, the only computer was for the Neve's Flying Faders (fader
automation ;) and this computer was invisible ;). The recorder was a
digital Sony tape recorder. I wonder if somebody like Al Schmitt would
use any computer today, so I did a google pic search ... there's
something in the background :D ...

Btw. he's one of the few very likeable professional engineers I met,
most of those VIP engineers are complete assholes.
I should have thought he won't use a computer, but I guess I was

OTOH, if you take a look at this kind of studios, e.g.
http://www.chicksingernight.com/contest/Recording-TheVillage.jpg it
might be that those computers are quasi stand-alone-devices, customized
to the whole equipment.

I very often asked the community to give me the name of at least one big
audio studio using Linux and I always noticed that they not really know
what a professional studio is.

What ever those guys are using, it's not Ardour2 ;).


Hm? Bruce Sweeden? A bossom friend of Dirk Brauner ... Oops this is the
correct writing "Bruce Swedien"

There are monitors in the background, unfortunately tze pics are just
thumbnails. http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=Bruce+Swedien+audio

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