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Mike Holstein mikeh789 at
Fri May 20 14:54:23 UTC 2011


the sound card *cant* have anything to do with the audio that is generated
by software synths. this is not a grey area. and expert such as yourself
might want to look at the source code for the software in question, and see
what about the hardware is being utilized for rendering the audio. heres a
test scenario: take all the sound devices out of the machine (or disable
them). take a MIDI file and render it using JACK utilizing the 'dummy'
driver. you can render the same file with a sound card in use, and share
both of those here if you would like. *i am not talking about monitoring
those sounds, OR recording them analog from the main outs of the sound card.
by render, im thinking recording in ardour and exporting or exporting from
something else.

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