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> well, i'm using ubuntu for 4 years now. but i finally have enough of it.
> i'm tiered of updating a hole system after half a year. i know, that can be
> helpfull, but its also annoying. and the change to unity clearly showed me,
> that its going into a bad direction, which is not any more focused on the
> users. in my eyes.
> i probably will stay with Ubuntu studio for music production, but for my
> daily work, i defenitly will change to debian (testing). Unfortunately i'm
> not smart enough to compile a real-time-kernl by myself. Thats why i have to
> stay with 10.04 for my studio distro.

you might want to look at something with a rolling release (linux mint
debian edition comes to mind)... personally, i run the LTS version of ubuntu
(LTS = long term support) those are supported for 5 years, and come around
every 2 years. the latest LTS release is lucid 10.04. this means i do *not*
update/upgrade every 6 months.

unity is just one of the desktop options we have with ubuntu, if it doesnt
meet your needs/wants, check out XFCE, KDE, GNOME or LXDE (or any of the
other options)... this is however the ubuntustudio mailing list, and we are
not planning on shipping the unity DE as default anytime soon, so you may
want redirect your valid critiques of the unity desktop to the ubuntu
desktop team mailing list ... (the desktop
team wiki page : )

we have several PPA contributors for -realtime kernel options. very soon we
will not need a different kernel for these tasks. here is the official word
from the debian multimedia team about realtime kernels, and the lack of one
for debian (source )

"The Debian Multimedia team is not working on including a kernel image with
the realtime-patches applied in Debian. Much of the realtime-patches have
been accepted in the mainline kernel, to the point that for most purposes
the stock Debian kernel is suitable even for realtime-like work."

if you end up using debian, i have heard good things about the liquorix
kernel , but AFAIK the distro AVlinux has a custom RT
kernel that is available somewhere for download and can be used with debian.

all of that being said, you can feel free to get involved in any area of
ubuntu (ubuntustudio for example) and help guide it in the direction you
feel it should go. if that seems like to much to take on, all of this
software is open and freely available.. you can always make your own distro
with whatever desktop environment, and whatever kernel, and whatever
packages you want. AND, you can email this list with links to where to
download and check it out...

> On 30.06.2011 12:14, Ricardo Lameiro wrote:
> Well, ubuntu is based on debian, most of the pacakages used by
> ubuntustudio come directly from debian syncs.
> Bear in mind that making a distro is hard and needs a lot of
> development time and effort.
> Also, I dont think that UbuntuStudio will change to debian as its upstream :D
> Just for curiosity, why did you asked about that? what would be the
> advantages of moving into debian in your POV?
> 2011/6/30 mentoj dija <mentoj_dija at> <mentoj_dija at>:
>  hi,
> i don't want to cause any war or smth. and a simple NO is answer enough:
> but isn't it time to switch to debian to build a studio-distro out of??
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