Making Music with FOSS

mark mark at
Mon Apr 25 09:43:11 UTC 2011

Hi all,

On 23/04/11 21:16, Seattle Chaz wrote:
> Last week, hosted a web-cast, Making Music with FOSS.  I
> missed it, but I was confident that the media would be archived, which
> is indeed the case.  However, the media file is in the proprietary .arf
> format from WebEx.  Though I searched extensively, I was unable to
> locate a method for converting the file to a more usable form.
> Of course, I COULD just view the materials on-line, but where's the fun
> in that?  The download-able media player supports only Windows and Mac.
> I was about to hold my nose and install the player when I was inspired
> to attempt a Wine installation.  I downloaded the WebEx .arf Player, set
> the executable permission on the .msi file and booted it under Wine.
> Wine happily took it and installed it and the downloaded media played
> without a hiccup.
> Web-cast:
> Webcast Playback:
> WebEx Player:

I'd like to watch the webcast too.

But hang on a second folks, we're free software advocates, aren't we? So 
why are we trying to find work-arounds, when the problem is that a 
webcast about free software should have been published in a free format?

Surely it would make more sense for us, as a group, to say to the 
publisher something like, "This is no good, please can you find a way of 
publishing that meets the needs of your target audience, as this clearly 

Would anyone care to join me in this?


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