Maverick and Delta 1010lt

Ralf ralf.mardorf at
Mon Apr 11 12:58:48 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-04-11 at 08:36 -0400, Brian Blater wrote:
> nv
> nvidia - FLOSS
> nvidia - proprietary

nvidia  - proprietary 3D
nv      - FLOSS no 3D

And I'm not sure what exactly nouveau is. A collection of free nvidia

nouveau - FLOSS

> Am I correct in saying that by default the FLOSS drivers will be
> installed? How would I remove the FLOSS drivers and go back to the NV
> drivers if I want to install your -lowlatency kernel? Will the NV
> drivers support the GeForce 8600GTS card?

I guess nouveau is default, when there's no xorg.conf in /etc/X11, but
maybe it's just vga.

> Yup, that is the one fix I installed first.

Any other trial too?

> Yes, I've used a combination of envy24control and alsamixer. I would
> imagine that since I've got sound from Jack etc that I've got the
> correct channels un-muted and volumes up (but it wasn't easy
> understanding what was muted etc.)

Dunno if it's ok today, but in the past ALSA mixer didn't work with
Envy24 cards, there always were some issues. Try Envy24 Control only.

> I'm thinking what I may do first is reinstall a clean 10.10 system and
> get the NV driver working. Then install the -lowlatency kernel from
> your PPA. Then get the 1010lt working with the onboard card disabled.

$ ls /etc/X11

Is there already a xorg.conf?

Editing one can be very tricky, especially for tube monitors, but I (we)
can help you.

To avoid doing a complete reinstall all the times, backup your install.

As root, from another Linux (e.g. from a live CD) run

cd /path/to/root_directory_you_will_backup
tar czf /path/to/target_directory/backup_file_name.tar.gz *

Note that globbing will not copy hidden files (file names that start
with a . are ignored) that usually aren't in the root directory. Hidden
files inside folders are copied to the archive.

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