Maverick and Delta 1010lt

Brian Blater brb.lists at
Mon Apr 11 12:36:57 UTC 2011

On Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 10:26 PM, ailo < at> wrote:
> On 04/11/2011 03:41 AM, Brian Blater wrote:
>> I've been using US 10.04 for awhile on an older machine. I picked up a
>> newer machine and decided to move my Delta 1010lt card to this machine
>> and install US 10.10. What a nightmare it has been as I've been
>> dealing with issues with lowlatency kernels, nvidia drivers and now
>> the 1010lt card. Let me tell you this is not for the faint of heart as
>> I've been working at this for 4-5 days now.
>> Anyways, I won't go into the nvidia issues and the lowlatency kernel
>> issues for now.
> nvidia drivers won't work if you use a kernel that is not meant for
> Maverick. I assume you are using a kernel for another distro.
> nvidia drivers can be made to work of course. You would either need to
> build them yourself, or add them manually from a repo that matches the
> kernel (I would believe), however, I would not recommend you to do this.

When I first installed 10.10 I actually used your PPA for the
-lowlatency kernel. Yes, it was for Natty as was recommended by
several posts I found, but as you mentioned, the nvidia drivers didn't
work. If I understand correctly there must be three sets of drivers
for nvidia cards now:

nvidia - FLOSS
nvidia - proprietary

Am I correct in saying that by default the FLOSS drivers will be
installed? How would I remove the FLOSS drivers and go back to the NV
drivers if I want to install your -lowlatency kernel? Will the NV
drivers support the GeForce 8600GTS card?

> Unfortunately there is a problem in how the ice1712 is presented to
> pulseaudio. This is why you get no desktop sound, but it should be easy
> to fix.
> To copy what Ralf wrote in another post on this list (edit the file
> /usr/share/alsa/cards/ICE1712.conf)...
> #
> # Configuration for the ICE1712 (Envy24) chip
> #
> [snip]
> <confdir:pcm/front.conf>
> ICE1712.pcm.front.0 {
>        @args [ CARD ]
>        @args.CARD {
>                type string
>        }
>        type route
>        ttable.0.0 1
>        ttable.1.1 1
>        slave.pcm {
>                type hw
>                card $CARD
>        }
>        #### fix PA issue ####
>        slave.format S32_LE
>        slave.channels 10
>        ######################
> }
> [snip]

Yup, that is the one fix I installed first.

>> Ok, so ranting off now. I followed several bug reports and I think
>> those have at least allowed me to get the sound card working through
>> Jack.
> ice1712 will always work with jack. You might have neglected to raise
> some volumse at first. An easy mistake to make, which I have made myself
> many times.
> Did you check out envy24control? It is a mixer for ice1712 cards. I
> recommend to use that.

Yes, I've used a combination of envy24control and alsamixer. I would
imagine that since I've got sound from Jack etc that I've got the
correct channels un-muted and volumes up (but it wasn't easy
understanding what was muted etc.)

> I can understand your frustration. I have went through the same thing
> myself. Unfortunately the problem with getting ice1712 to work with
> pulseaudio has been a long lingering problem (3 years and counting, I
> think).
> I'm hoping Ubuntu Studio 11.10 will include a way to fix this, if yet
> not fixed on regular Ubuntu.
>  However, I still have no sound via the system. Any ideas on what
>> I can do to get this sovled? Any nice, easy to follow (all solutions
>> in one easy thread instead of following numerous links with just a
>> small fix each) solutions out there? Would it be better to get the
>> BIOS sound card working for system sounds and the 1010lt for Jack etc?
>> I would like to be able to record some "system sounds" like sound
>> clips from video files or other such stuff, but I think that can be
>> done through some of the Jack pluggins.
>> Should I just wait until 11.04 comes out and hope most of this has
>> been addressed? I think the lowlatency is being better addressed in
>> Natty at least.
> There will be no -lowlatency included in Natty's repos. There is one
> available here:
> The -generic kernel is quite good on Natty, and hopefully that will
> already be enough for many people.

That would be the PPA I used for the kernel stuff.

>> Thank you for any suggestions you may have.
>> Brian
> --
> ailo

I'm thinking what I may do first is reinstall a clean 10.10 system and
get the NV driver working. Then install the -lowlatency kernel from
your PPA. Then get the 1010lt working with the onboard card disabled.

Thanks again for your help.

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