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On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 11:44 PM, Brian David <beejunk at> wrote:

> Okay, I finally started checking out the beta for Maverick, and I like it.
> I'll have some other things to write about it, but first I have a question.
> There doesn't seem to be an RT kernel at all in Maverick.  That is not
> good.  I've tried all the other alternatives, including Alessio's realtime
> kernel, and they just do not give me the performance I want.  So, the
> question I have is, where is the RT kernel?
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> -Brian David
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A few thoughts about the -rt kernel.

My understanding is that the -rt kernel is a product of the -generic kernel
with a -rt patch that is provide from upstream.  Ingo NMolnar use to make
the patch, but I believe someone, or a couple of someones, make it now.  It
should be noted that this patch was neither created nor available for all
released kernel versions.

This yields trouble keeping the kernel versions in Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu
aligned, which is desirable to many, many peoples and groups.  Therefore,
the official decision was to remove the -rt kernel was removed from the
official archives (repositories).

However, we are working towards getting the -lowlatency kernel into the
official archives and hope to have that as the default installed kernel in
Ubuntu Studio.

That being said, many people still prefer the -rt kernel, among these I
believe firewire audio interface users are the primary audience.

As noted, Alessio has a PPA with the -rt kernel, which appears to be version
2.6.33.  I should note that the kernel is maverick is 2.6.35, so using the
-rt kernel from Alessio's PPA may yield better performance but with the loss
of some hardware drivers and other improvements.  This may not be a problem
from some people, but it should be noted so that people are aware of the

Finally, you might have experienced optimal (or at least satisfactory)
results with the previous -rt kernel.  This may have been the 2.6.31 -rt
kernel.  I contrast this with the 2.6.33 -rt kernel currently in Alessio's

I hope this provides some useful information.

If you have further questions, or if anyone has corrections to anything I
said, please reply.

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