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> Brian,
> A few thoughts about the -rt kernel.
> My understanding is that the -rt kernel is a product of the -generic kernel
> with a -rt patch that is provide from upstream.  Ingo NMolnar use to make
> the patch, but I believe someone, or a couple of someones, make it now.  It
> should be noted that this patch was neither created nor available for all
> released kernel versions.
> This yields trouble keeping the kernel versions in Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu
> aligned, which is desirable to many, many peoples and groups.  Therefore,
> the official decision was to remove the -rt kernel was removed from the
> official archives (repositories).
> However, we are working towards getting the -lowlatency kernel into the
> official archives and hope to have that as the default installed kernel in
> Ubuntu Studio.
> That being said, many people still prefer the -rt kernel, among these I
> believe firewire audio interface users are the primary audience.
> As noted, Alessio has a PPA with the -rt kernel, which appears to be
> version 2.6.33.  I should note that the kernel is maverick is 2.6.35, so
> using the -rt kernel from Alessio's PPA may yield better performance but
> with the loss of some hardware drivers and other improvements.  This may not
> be a problem from some people, but it should be noted so that people are
> aware of the possibility.
> Finally, you might have experienced optimal (or at least satisfactory)
> results with the previous -rt kernel.  This may have been the 2.6.31 -rt
> kernel.  I contrast this with the 2.6.33 -rt kernel currently in Alessio's
> PPA.
> I hope this provides some useful information.
> If you have further questions, or if anyone has corrections to anything I
> said, please reply.
> Regards,
> ScottL
That all makes sense.  I'll do some more testing with Alessio's kernels and
see if I can get them to work well.

Mike, I have been able to get this particular MacBook to run very solid in
the past, so I know it's possible.

-Brian David
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