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>  Hi Scott and  all,
> Le 09/06/2010 19:40, Scott Lavender a écrit :
> On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 3:32 PM, laurent.bellegarde <
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>> Hi Scott.
>> Well, it's a good program.
>> Few things, as i've done an official conference about UBS at Paris
>> Ubuntu Party.
>> - Many people ask for a viewable boot ! Many beleive that there was a
>> bug during the boot !
> I'm not sure what you mean by 'viewable boot'.  Do you mean the progress
> bar?
> On my system the progress bar is only visible for three to four seconds
> before the GDM screen appears and the progress bar only fills the first U
> and part of the N!  I am curious if other systems are similar.  The Plymouth
> theme was added very, very late during last cycle so it might require some
> tweaking although I am unsure how much adjusting is possible.
> Yes, when i'm booting under generic kernel that's doing the same thing as
> you, on different laptop with intel, or ati graphics cards. it's not very
> beautifull. More difficult is the boot under RT-kernel, there is no
> graphical boot, only a blank screen, and few seconds before having GDM,
> severals understanding command lines on the left part of the screen, which
> is more than awfull :-/
> You mentioned a video of your event before.  Is it available so I can see
> what you are describing?
> As soon it's available online, i'll tell the list.
> Laurent

I'd like to add that the hideous boot sequence is not just a problem for
UbuStu.  For many graphics cards, including the ATI on my desktop, the Lucid
boot sequence will only show in the lowest resolution, and with all sorts of
command line text showing up.  It is not pretty at all.  It is apparently
due to the proprietary drivers (which in the case of ATI, is often the only
one that will correctly render 3D, or even work at all) causing issues with
suspend and resume, or something.  Whatever the reason, it's a bad bug that
will show up on lots of systems and make the splash screen an eyesore.  It's
a shame it ended up in the LTS.

-Brian David
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