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laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Mon Jun 14 16:20:50 BST 2010

Hi all,

Brian David wrote:
> I'd like to add that the hideous boot sequence is not just a problem 
> for UbuStu.  For many graphics cards, including the ATI on my desktop, 
> the Lucid boot sequence will only show in the lowest resolution, and 
> with all sorts of command line text showing up.  It is not pretty at 
> all.  It is apparently due to the proprietary drivers (which in the 
> case of ATI, is often the only one that will correctly render 3D, or 
> even work at all) causing issues with suspend and resume, or 
> something.  Whatever the reason, it's a bad bug that will show up on 
> lots of systems and make the splash screen an eyesore.  It's a shame 
> it ended up in the LTS.

In my first install Lucid 64 generic, the boot was graphical and well 
done without any trouble. In beta 1, ati 3D drivers were excellent. The 
decrease started with the beta 2 and the release candidate.

For video editing, and at the same time audio editing, it's more 
interesting to have an nvidia graphic card than an ati one, due to the 
bad 3D proprio drivers not available in RT kernel.

But the boot splash screen sequence is another trouble.


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