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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Jun 7 23:35:07 BST 2010

Am 07.06.2010 22:32, schrieb laurent.bellegarde:

> - Many people ask about software distribution, for many, UBS is too
> music edition designed, and not enough image/Video edition completed.

Sorry but whenever I read this, I fail to understand it. There is 
absolutely NO overweight of music-production capabilities in UBS.
Maybe people get this feeling as they see the long list of music-apps in 
the menu but this has reasons, that are intrinsic in the design of audio 
production on computers in general and even more in Linux. It is 
modular. You have synths, samplers, sequencers, hd-recorders/editors, 
FX, score-editors, tuners, utilities and DAWs like Rosegarden and 
Ardour. It would be nonsense, to cut that list just to make it look less 
On the other hand, there are not that many different small apps for 
Linux in the field of graphics. But GIMP and Inkscape offer much more 
for graphics then say, zynaddsubfx for music. Still zynadd is important 
for it is specialized on creating synth-sounds and it is very good on 
this. There is no graphics-app like zynadd, you can do it all in GIMP. 
For 3d there is Blender and if there is anything for sound, that can be 
compared to Blender then its Ardour so 3d-people will be OK with that, I 
do not know any free 3d-modeling-app that could offer something, Blender 
cannot do. In a word: I do not know any available Linux-app for 
graphics, that is missing in UBS.(Krita could be a candidate, but it is 
not there yet in terms of stability).

PLUS: Audio is most important for UBS because one can install GIMP, 
Blender, Synfig, Inkscape or any other graphics-app on any standard 
generic Linux and it will work. Not so will jack, Ardour and the like, 
they need a system, that is carefully tweaked to RT-needs and a generic 
Linux would not be adeaquate. And Video-apps need more or less the same 

So, if users say, they find UBS to be too much focused on audio, one 
should explain, that this is not the case and not try to follow 
"customer-demands" that derive from wrong assumtions made at first-glance.

best regs

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