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laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Mon Jun 7 21:32:49 BST 2010

Hi Scott.

Well, it's a good program.

Few things, as i've done an official conference about UBS at Paris 
Ubuntu Party.

- Many people ask for a viewable boot ! Many beleive that there was a 
bug during the boot !
- Many people ask about software distribution, for many, UBS is too 
music edition designed, and not enough image/Video edition completed.

A question

is there a plan to complete Lucid UBS LTS, or only improving the next 
UBS release ?

For producing multimedia, powerfull, stable and complete release is 
absolutly necessary, so lucid need large complete under UBS release.

Thanks for the lead,


Scott Lavender wrote:
> Hello all,
> I wanted to take a little time to post an update to the -user mailing 
> list about Ubuntu Studio and the project lead position in particular.
> During this cycle (Maverick) I have assumed the responsibilities for 
> the project lead position.  However, the transition really began 
> during Lucid and to this end I would like to thank Cory, Luke, Luis, 
> Emmet, Jussi and Eric for their support and advice.
> As project lead I hope to provide active, direct leadership in a 
> transparent manner.  Examples of this should already be evident and 
> can be found in the -user and -dev mailing lists and on the 
> #ubuntu-studio-devel IRC channel.  Also, all users are encouraged to 
> attend the developer meetings as your input is valuable.  You can find 
> more information about the meetings at: 
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Meetings
> In addition, I would like make communication with the users a defining 
> hallmark of this project.  Not only will we be asking for your 
> opinions but also querying you for information about your needs.  
> Therefore, please expect further emails to this list soliciting your 
> input.
> Furthermore, anyone can also email me directly with questions or 
> comments at: scottalavender at gmail.com 
> <mailto:scottalavender at gmail.com>  I encourage you to contact me as 
> you feel necessary.  Also, I have a blog where you can keep up with 
> any of my musings regarding Ubuntu Studio at:  
> http://dullass.blogspot.com/  Oftentimes I will post about my thoughts 
> before decisions are made or about things before they happen elsewhere.
> Moving on, Ubuntu Studio 10.10 Maverick Meerkat is seeing improvements 
> that I would like to mention.
> We are working on JACK and Pulse Audio integration via dbus and the 
> Alpha 1 ISO is available for all to begin testing.  Obviously finding 
> stable integration between JACK and Pulse Audio would be a marked 
> improvement in usability.  The goal is to have this implemented during 
> Maverick which would pave the way for other improvements.
> We are also attempting to address the gnome-network-admin bug which 
> prevents configuration of network connections, as I posted previously 
> to this list.  Finding a solution to this bug would obviously have a 
> large impact to usability.
> LV2 plugins are another area of improvement.  We began packaging these 
> last cycle and continue this cycle.
> An updated website is also in the works, although the time table is 
> not quite as fixed as the Maverick's release cycle.
> Lastly, we are evaluating whether we would implement a backports PPA 
> for applications included in Ubuntu Studio.  Quality is important, so 
> there would be some caveats regarding what we would or wouldn't 
> package but I personally would love to hear your feedback on this item 
> in particular.
> That's all that I have at this moment, although I should be writing 
> again or posting in the near future.
> Please let us know how we can improve Ubuntu Studio for you, just 
> remember that we work within the Ubuntu paradigm, so all improvements 
> must comply with those systemic restrictions (e.g. all applications in 
> the official repositories).
> Regards,
> ScottL

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