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On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 3:29 PM, Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de>wrote:

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> BUT to gain the trust of the users PA must become much more
> user-configurable then before. The first step should be a "disable
> PA"-switch in a decent, accessible GUI (could be a mixer). This should
> be possible *without* removing PA alltogether and PA should be really
> absolute passive if this switch is flicked by the user.

Daniel Chen mentioned in the developer meeting that someone might be working
on a one-click JACK activation from the sound notifier applet (if i remember
correctly).  Presumably this would  disable Pulse Audio.

 That is very good news :-)
> Can we have the all-new CALF-stuff from SVN?

I'll look into it.

> Guitarix is very important and it makes astounding progress at the
> moment. Brummer and freinds made this little crushing amp a veritable
> powerstack usable for serious studio-use with full MIDI-learn, built-in
> convolution-engine and many other pro-grade features.
> And i have to stress this again: the new CALF-Plugins that are in the
> works now will be a revolution in the world of native plugins for Linux.
> Some are entirely new like the sidechain-compressor, others replace
> bit-rotten LADSPA-plugins that do not work anymore like the powerfull
> deesser. And most of them work allready:
> http://lapoc.de/img/calf-new10.png
> best regs
> HZN/Berlin

It looks like there is already a Debian bug report for Guitarix and I
mentioned it to quadrispro about it this morning on IRC.  He seems quite
interested in it and falktx offered his PPA version as well to start.  So we
might be seeing this soon in Ubuntu synced from Debian.

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