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> Hi Teza and Sandie

> My PC doesn't even boot with 8.10 and 9.04 rt kernels, but works very

> well with 8.04 and also works (more or less) with 9.10 beta. I built

> custom rt kernels for 8.10 and 9.04 to be able to make them work on my

> hardware (AMD 780G chipset with a Athlon 64 X2 processor). Never

> managed to run the proprietary ATI drivers with the rt kernels thow,

> even on the new 9.10 beta (you can see my results at

> The ATI proprietary driver work with every

> version with non rt kernels on the same hardware (I didn't test it yet

> with the 9.10 beta not realtime). I still have some freezes with 9.10

> with its rt kernel, no freezes using 8.04 with its rt kernel nor using

> any of the custom built rt kernels (nor using non rt kernels from any

> of these versions). So I I'll put my effort on having a stable 9.10

> system with its rt kernel (32 bit, since I'll only have 2GB RAM, I

> have no advantage on having a 64 bit OS).

> Regards from Portugal!

> Fernando

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I was under the impression that the proprietary drivers were never updated  
by ATI ever since a somewhat workable free driver became available. Which  
put a lot of people in a bad spot because the free driver is not quite  
up-to-speed yet, and many users found that they're 3D rendering was really  
bad and there was no easy fix (I think that the proprietary drivers CAN be  
used with 9.04, but not without a lot of work). As far as I know, Hardy was  
the last system which had a truly working proprietary ATI driver.

This article covers the issue:
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