camrecorder DV and karmic

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at
Mon Nov 9 18:44:03 GMT 2009

Hi all,

The team is now testing hardly Ubuntu Studio Karmic before an 
official presentation to the public, saturday, November 28 in Paris (1h 
face to public, TV cameras, radios), in the sciences's city.

The kernel RT and the music software are working fine, but we are 
thinking there is a large trouble in UBS 9.10 with the DV connection to 
a camrecorder DV.

With severals camrecoders DV knowed to work in DV via a firewire card 
integrated or another laptop with a firewire expresscard controller 
under hardy UBS (production) and jaunty UBS for testing, we discover 
that even after controls, editing system files, and groups/permissions 
changes, it seems to be impossible to detect the camera. Dvgrab in 
terminal still always says : no camera...

Is there a major bug in karmic ?

raw1394, ohci1394, ieee1394 have been probed and permissions controlled, 
even video1394, and dv1394 (old and deprecated). Audio, video and disk 
group have been probed too. None are working.

Any "good "ideas" are welcomed !!!



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