Hardware & Software Recommendations?

john producjohns at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 10:10:17 GMT 2009

I strongly recommend you work with both ardour and audacity, they're
great tools with different capabilities.

I would say by your list of features, you are looking for an editing
program more than a DAW. Ardour is the best option for multitrack
recording and mixing, but when it comes to editing, you're much better
working with audacity. 

Audacity has great features and support for file converting and handling
different sample rates. In fact, something really handy is its batch
converting capabilities which can really speed up your work!
It also comes with spectrum as well as other forms of analizers.

It also has a cool feature of being able to work with files of DIFFERENT
sample rates in a session. I don't recommend doing this, but it's
practical when wanting to load files quickly without having to convert
everything before working.

good luck!


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> > Brief list of *some *software features desired:
> >
> >    1. Can open, edit and save as FLAC audio files (without having to
> >    manually convert first).
> >    2. Multi-track editing capabilities.
> >    3. Very detailed graphical representation of waveform.
> >    4. Fast to open and to save files.
> >    5. Visual feedback of audio levels or graphical representation of
> >    waveform while recording and playback.
> >    6. Able to gracefully handle and mix with audio files of varying
> sample
> >    and bit rates
> >
> >
> Ardour is definately what you want. It may not be able to handle FLAC,
> but
> it's does everything else and more.
> See ardour.org

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