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suemac at suemac at
Wed Mar 4 18:02:10 GMT 2009

I realize there is an effort to backport several apps (Ardour, Jack, ffado,
etc.) and am actually using khashayar's PPA of these apps for Hardy with
great success.

Also am aware of the ongoing rt issue with 8.10.

My question is when are (or have I missed) announcement of formal
availability of the back ports going to happen.

A quote from dated December 5th, 2008: "....the release of
JACK 0.116.0. This is an important release, because it fixes all the
problems reported with 0.115.6 and now makes 0.109.2 completely obsolete.
Nobody should be using 0.109.2 within a few weeks, and even that is only to
allow for distributions to update. "

Since I'm working fine with the ppa packages, this just really a curiousity

Speaking of khashayar...haven't seen or heard of him for a few weeks.


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