Pulse ?

alex stone compose59 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 08:29:02 GMT 2009


I can run with Video people possibly benefiting from using Pulse (any more
or less than alsa/jack? I write music to image, and jack does fine here),
but i'm a bit lost as to how Graphics people might prefer pulse over jack or
alsa or oss or anything else.

I don't understand your answer to the pulse latency question. You were quick
enough to tell me i'm wrong, but then cited ESD as 'worse' than pulse,
without any sort of clue as to actual latency in pulse or not. Seems like a
bit of a red herring.

You're completely off the mark with Ubuntu ppc. It's already done, and
works, maintained as a community project. Package selection is large (as
large as any other ubuntu from what i can see), and one can install from
source without a hassle. I have RG 1.7.3svn running on my G4 a.k.a. UBUNTU
HARDY PPC, as well as ardour 2, AND ardour 3. All installed from source
without any extra pain or hassle. (Only missing the RT kernel)

A quick google would reveal all this to you, of course......


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