Pulse ?

Cory K. coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Sun Jan 25 13:59:34 GMT 2009

alex stone wrote:
> I can run with Video people possibly benefiting from using Pulse (any more
> or less than alsa/jack? I write music to image, and jack does fine here),
> but i'm a bit lost as to how Graphics people might prefer pulse over jack or
> alsa or oss or anything else.

Graphics folks benefit from *not* having to worry about JACK. ;)

> I don't understand your answer to the pulse latency question. You were quick
> enough to tell me i'm wrong, but then cited ESD as 'worse' than pulse,
> without any sort of clue as to actual latency in pulse or not. Seems like a
> bit of a red herring.

As far as latency with Pulse *generally* goes, I've spoken with Lennart
himself and it cannot (and maybe will not) go where JACK does. If JACK
were in the main repo we could get the Pulse/JACK plugin compiled but
that adds latency as well.

I'm actually a little confused by the confusion. Starting JACK with
JACKcontrol, Pulse should be stopped for as long as JACKcontrol is
going. I forget but it *might* even be tied to jackd itself. Luke can
chime in here.

> You're completely off the mark with Ubuntu ppc. It's already done, and
> works, maintained as a community project. Package selection is large (as
> large as any other ubuntu from what i can see), and one can install from
> source without a hassle. I have RG 1.7.3svn running on my G4 a.k.a. UBUNTU
> HARDY PPC, as well as ardour 2, AND ardour 3. All installed from source
> without any extra pain or hassle. (Only missing the RT kernel)

If we got someone to get together the -RT kernel and testing we would
for sure put out a PPC Studio. We've just lacked the man-power.

-Cory K.

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