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On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 12:32 PM, alex stone <compose59 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Why can't we make pulse optional in UBStudio?
> I understand UBS as an audio specific distro that focuses on
> audio/multimedia production. We use RT, Jack, etc, knowing precisely what
> UBS is designed for.
> The only version of pulse i have installed now is in the laptop that i use
> for admin (Ubuntu Hardy). In that environment it serves me well, and
> objectively, i don't think it will be long before pulse becomes the generic
> audio choice for most distros, as it provides a common framework for devs to
> work with, something we could do with more of on the linux planet.
> However UBStudio, and other audio specific distros, are designed for a
> purpose, that, in most cases, requires a RT, or near realtime specific
> environment in which we gain the most advantage. As i understand it, pulse
> already introduces a degree of latency in it's operation that is
> counterproductive to realtime audio work. (Correct me if i have the bear by
> the wrong ear here.)
> In reference to my note about the laptop, i'd find it more useful if the
> UBS team could devote a little time in consideration of building an RT
> kernel for powerpc owners, be it laptops like mine (G4, circa 1800) to the
> powerful beasts that came out before apple went intel.
> I'm confident there's more than one user who has a spare ppc computer
> gathering dust that's crying out for use as a second box, driving
> linuxsampler, or plugins, etc...
> My little laptop with UB hardy ppc runs a good deal faster than it ever did
> with mac, and i'd dearly like to see it do the gazelle thing, speaking
> audiosyncratically, of course.....
> So UBS pulse out, and ppc UB RT in here.
> Alex.

First and foremost, I'd like to remind everyone not to 'top post' as it
throws off the natural reading of a conversation.

Next, I think it's good to point out in this argument, that UBStudio is NOT
an audio specific distribution - it's a multimedia specific distribution.
Audio users may make up a large portion of the user base,  but they're not
the only cats in town.  Graphics and Video people benefit greatly from

Also, you're wrong (from what I know on the subject) about the Pulse latency
issue.  ESD - the software that pulse replaces - has a much higher latency
time than Pulse.  Not to mention, much less features, and no jack
compatibility or links (very useful for ffado people who want to play system
audio over jack).

Lastly, the powerpc is really not feasible in a sub-distro of Ubuntu -
unless Ubuntu (main) starts supporting powerpc.  It's not just the kernel
that would need to be built; every single binary package would need
recompiling for that architecture.  Debian, however, does do powerpc.  I'd
recomend you look into rolling your own RT kernel for debian if you need
powerpc support, as it's very similar to Ubuntu.


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