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Wed Jan 21 16:49:24 GMT 2009

We had this discussion a while ago about the lack of rt kernel in Intrepid.
There were varying views, but a very general consensus seemd to reach a
conclusion of "If it ain't broke..." Sticking with Hardy, as tempting as new
packages may seem, was a shared view among a decent percentage of views. But
we had plenty of warning, and a decent explanation on why. Cory also
expressed a real view of the state at the time, and didn't try to lead us
into uncertain territory with any speculation

It's my guess here that the changes in the vanilla kernel that resulted in
questionable midi performance are ongoing, and it's quite likely the
UBStudio team are as much in the dark as we are on the current state of the
vanilla kernel, and when it's likely to settle into an RT capable and
useable state. (not to mention the required standards for building in the
ubuntu environment)

Taking a step back here, and trying to view the wider picture, we already
have a highly useable distro version in Hardy, and if you're inclined, in
Gutsy (Which proved to highly stable a worked a treat.. We know the state of
Intrepid, and why, and also understand that Jaunty may also offer challenges
as well, with all of us waiting for news on the vanilla kernel state.

Cory also explained that the jump in Ubuntu RT preparation between Hardy
(2.6.24.xxx) and a 'new' RT kernel would be a lot more work than usual due
to new features, and rebuilding added to any new kernel (I don't pretend to
understand what they are, or why it's so different, i'm taking Cory's words
here, and he's been honest with us in the past), and would occupy a
formidable amount of time for the Ubuntu RT kernel dev, who does this for
us, for free, as in decent cognac. (or beer, if that's your particular
imbibable refreshment)

I'm as keen as anyone else to enjoy the new features being added to the apps
i use as much as any of you, and have enjoyed testing them in anticipation
of a future UBStudio that returns to an RT configuration we know, and enjoy

But i'm ever mindful, and appreciative, of the considerable work that goes
into a project like UBStudio, from fellow human beings who apply their
considerable skills for OUR benefit.

Yes, i use linux for a living, and no, staying on a highly stable Hardy,
with some source packages i've ventured to install, hasn't hurt me at all.
Quite the contrary, i've increased my pitifully poor knowledge of all things
linux, in general. (To slightly less pitiful)

Can i 'respectfully' suggest (A clumsy attempt at diplomacy here...), in the
interim period between Ubuntu RT kernel nirvanas, that others might like to
take advantage of this lull in the breakneck development whirlwind that is
the ever mighty Linux Audio world and use the time writing music instead?

2 roubles worth from a ordinary linux audio user who knows he can't code,
and is reliant on the continued good will, superb craftsmanship, endless
patience, and unfailing generosity of others to realise musical ambitions.

Alex "the linux crash test dummy" Stone.

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> >>     >
> >>     > So, looking forward: will we be able to switch to 9.04? In other
> >>     words,
> >>     > will 9.04 have RT support, or will we still be stuck with 8.04?
> >>     >
> >>     I have RT in 8.10.  All that it required was building my own kernel
> (a
> >>     2.6.28), so you are not "stuck" with 8.04 right now if you do not
> want
> >>     to be.
> >>
> >>
> >> People who don't want to bother compiling a kernel are 'stuck'; anyway,
> >> it's easier to stay with 8.04.
> >>
> >You mean to say that people who *choose* not to investigate their
> >options are stuck.  You are only "stuck" if you want to be.
> "stuck" could mean many things.
> Building this and building that is rarely without time
> consuming issues. UX's have always been like uncle on the
> Jackie Chan cartoon: "...ah...one more thing...".
> If the goal of having Ubuntu Studio is to use it as a tool
> to do billable work, then staying with a known working tool
> rather than exploring options, and choosing to be stuck is the
> prudent business decision.
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